Tecmotiv awarded major delivery order against contract for AVDS 1790 8CR engine overhauls

Tecmotiv has been issued Delivery order #7 against contract W56HZV-13-D-0019 for a quantity of 49 AVDS 1790 8CR engine overhauls. The original contract, signed in July 2013, was estimated for 14 engine overhauls per year for five years, and Tecmotiv’s short turnaround time and high quality product led the US Army to utilize the full quantity of engines available on the original contract well within the five year period. Through contract modification, the Army has an additional quantity of up to 96 engine overhauls available through Tecmotiv. Tecmotiv looks forward to servicing the requirements for AVDS 1790 8CR Engine overhauls to the US Army as well as the worldwide market for the foreseeable future.

Tecmotiv’s experience and quality reputation in overhauling the AVDS Series of Engines is unmatched worldwide. This reputation has led many Armed forces to depend on Tecmotiv’s overhaul services, many times through vendor-specified contracts (‘sole source’), just as the US Army has done in this case.

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