Vulcan Air Defense Systems

Vulcan Air Defense Pic


The Vulcan Air Defense Systems (VADS) were produced from 1968 until 1982. Many of the parts associated with the VADS have become obsolete, are no longer serviced or are cost-prohibitive to repair. The PIVADS program offered in the early 1990’s attempted to address and revitalize the VADS, but this upgrade now also has high levels of obsolescence, was not widely adopted, and is not well supported.

Tecmotiv currently provides support to the VADS for its international customers. This is supported through Tecmotiv’s extensive technical data library collection on the VADS system. Tecmotiv has developed sources of supply for many parts that are no longer supported through the original equipment manufacturers, and has been able to supply these components for the VADS. We further offer on-site inspection and troubleshooting services, and can develop maintenance programs for Armed Forces tailored to their requirements.

Tecmotiv offers logistical, technical, and spare parts support for the M113 Family of Vehicles, which the M163 self-propelled VADS is part of. Tecmotiv offers full support for both the M167 towed VADS and the self-propelled M163 VADS.

Some of the components that Tecmotiv has been able to source for the VADS are: Cable Assembly; Barrel, Automatic; Stop, Drum Assy; Support, Travel Lock; Servo, elevation; and others.