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Over 50 years of experience with Combat Fighting Vehicles.

Tecmotiv Corporation was formed in February of 1992 after acquiring certain assets of its predecessor, Levy Auto Parts. The company traces its experience in the military automotive field back fifty years, in over twenty countries. Since then, Tecmotiv has been offering quality service and support within the military automotive industry.

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A one-stop shop for Military platform Upgrades, Modernization, and Services.

Prototype powertrain undergoing testing

Tecmotiv modifies hulls for light armored vehicles, performs light armor repairs, and modifies and upgrades all types of power train systems, from engine to track/wheels, and has experience in power train prototype development. Tecmotiv also offers customers the option of re-powering older vehicles with newer power trains, and can demonstrate to customers the associated economic and operational benefits.

Excellent track record with more than 20 Defense Forces worldwide, and many Major Prime Contractors.

Tecmotiv has built a reputation of working with international clients and serves a world market. High service quality and attention to detail, along with the understanding of unique international and military requirements has resulted in a large customer list. With a worldwide customer base, some of the major clients are:

Support for a wide variety of platforms, from Main Battle Tanks to Military Trucks and their Accessories.

Tecmotiv is proud to support a wide range of Military Platforms and Accessories.

Amongst the platforms that Tecmotiv has supported and continue to support are:

Main Battle Tanks:M41 and its variants

Scorpion and Stingray

Self-Propelled Howitzers:

M44 and M52

M107, 108, and M110

Armored Engineering Vehicles: M728, M992 FAASVTrucks:



M35 2.5 ton truck,

M54 5 ton truck

M809 5 ton truck,

M939 5 ton truck

Towed Artillery:

M101, M102, M114, M115, M119, and M198


Approved supplier for the US Army and other Defense Forces worldwide