For more than 25 years, Tecmotiv has developed in-house capabilities for full Logistics and Technical Support for its customers in the Automotive Military market. The range of specialty and common services that Tecmotiv has to offer are described below. Additional services that are tangential to our present offering can be offered upon request. For any Military Automotive problem, Tecmotiv has a Military Automotive Solution.


Tecmotiv offers the complete suite of services required for upgrade and modernization of Armed Forces’ assets. Modernization packages developed by Tecmotiv include updating of powertrain assemblies and/or components. Packages are developed to maximize cost efficiency and operational readiness. Modernization packages can include:

  • Provision of upgrade kits /components / overhaul, upgrade, and return of customer assemblies
  • On-site or remote training of personnel
  • Updating of Technical and Operation Manuals
  • After-sales spare part support, tailored to support requirements
  • Vehicle / assembly testing per Tecmotiv suggested or mutually agreed parameters
  • Logistics support training

Some of the upgrades / modernization packages that Tecmotiv has developed or offer include:

  • Sherman Tank modernization package
  • M41 Powertrain Modernization package
  • XTG411-4 Transmission upgrade kit
  • CD850-6A1 Oil Pump upgrade kit
  • CD850-6B1 Upgrade kit
  • AVDS 1790 900+HP upgrade package
  • 6V53 Turbocharge upgrade package
  • TX100-1A upgrade package
  • M35 Diesel Engine Conversion


Tecmotiv has a robust team of Engineers that engage in rapid product development, using advanced problem solving skills including Six Sigma and Red-X to quickly analyze and understand design challenges, and develop solutions within a short turnaround. CAD and CAE programs are also utilized to minimize design time, and assist in the assessment of solutions to arrive at the best case on behalf of the customer.

The Engineering team has also developed processes for rapid reverse engineering of obsolete and unique parts to support our customers’ needs.

Some engineering achievements that Tecmotiv has made include:

  • 1999: Support for MEWWSS Systems
  • 2009: Support for LAV C2 Phase III Engineering solutions
  • 2015: Revision of Technical Manuals for AVDS 1790-2 Series of Engines
  • (Ongoing): Development of upgrade kits and packages.

1200x150_Major3_Repair, Rebuild, and Overhaul

Tecmotiv has built a reputation for industry leading turnaround and quality product in the field of overhauling/rebuilding/repairing/remanufacturing major powertrain products and components. Tecmotiv maintains an inventory of mandatory and high mortality repair parts for the major assemblies it services, and this supports the quick turnaround process. Coupled with a lean production facility, customizable production process, and on-site performance of major repairs, Tecmotiv offers industry-leading quality and efficiency in the Rebuild, Repair, and Overhaul process.

Some overhaul programs Tecmotiv have performed:

  • Turnaround of AVDS1790-2DA engine – 45 day turnaround (complete teardown, overhaul, test in accordance with US ARMY DMWR standards)
  • SECREPS (SECondary REPairables), subcontract for overhaul of AVDS Engines, CD 850 Transmissions, and related assemblies.
  • Overhaul of 50+ engines and transmissions under TACOM contract (8V71T engines, XTG411 Transmissions) for FMS customer
  • Overhaul of 30+ AVDS Engines under TACOM contract
  • Overhaul of 250+ M109 Traverse mechanism assemblies for US Prime Contractor
  • Overhaul and return of 100+ AVDS Engines for NAMSA

All overhauled assemblies are backed by our one year warranty.


Tecmotiv has developed and retained many vendor relationships since its inception. These relationships are based on the same principles and values that Tecmotiv adhere to – exceptional product quality at a reasonable price to mutual benefit. Tecmotiv uses its in-house Inventory Management System to maintain historical data on components quoted, sold, and supplied to customers. In-house, system-based processes ensure that traceability of product can be assured. Tecmotiv further retains a significant database of technical data covering the powertrain and ancillary components of the platforms we support.

Amongst the achievements in Spare Parts Support are:

  • Supply of 50+ AVDS 1790 Engine Overhaul kits to US Defense Logistics Agency.
  • Supply of M109 Spare Parts to Middle Eastern customer, including Hydraulic power pack, Transmission upgrade kits, Slope plate Parts kit, Control Assembly, and other spare parts.
  • Supply of 40+ AVDS 1790-8CR Engine Overhaul kits to US Defense Logistics Agency.
  • Supply of M60 Spares to Middle Eastern customer, including 5 Engines, Control Box, Elevating Mechanism, and other spare parts.
  • Supply of 30+ AVDS 1790 Engine Main housings to US Defense Logistics Agency.
  • Supply of 30+ V150 Transfer cases, mechanical parts, and other spare parts to Asian customer.


Tecmotiv is in various stages of development on a range of platforms. Keep in touch with us to be the first to hear about the development and testing of special vehicles.


Tecmotiv has developed a wealth of testing equipment to support its overhaul , rebuild, and certification services. The in-house Engineering support team combined with the Production teams’ wealth of hands-on knowledge and the Quality Department’s attention to detail have developed best methods for testing and evaluation of components, subassemblies, and assemblies to assist our customers with a quick transition from design concept through prototyping, testing and evaluation,  and final product acceptance.

Some of our specialized testing equipment includes:

  • Final Drive test stands
  • Fuel Injector Test Stand
  • Fuel Pump Test Stand
  • Engine Dynamometers – rated up to 2000HP
  • Transmission Dynamometers: Water break absorbers, cross-drive capability.
  • Traversing Gears Test Stand


Tecmotiv’s  Production team has gone through many years of on-hand support for the range of platforms that Tecmotiv supports. Based on the Production team’s experience, Tecmotiv offers Technical support that can be relied upon when Armed Forces’ logistical teams have concerns or technical clarification requirements. Tecmotiv has offered and supplied these services to international customers, in which various concerns were resolved within a one-day turnaround. To support these services, Technical Assistance Agreements are secured to ensure adherence to applicable regulations and this allows the Tecmotiv team to offer the quick turnaround it’s become known for. Support services are further supplemented by secure web-based telecom services that can offer Tecmotiv real-time information that may not be easily relayed via email or telephone.

On-site and remote technical assistance is available for the full range of platforms that Tecmotiv supports.

Tecmotiv has performed this service before for customers in Europe and the United States.


To support our customers’ needs, Tecmotiv has made its knowledge available through Training services. Tecmotiv can develop training programs for Tecmotiv’s enhanced repair and overhaul processes; Maintenance of systems; Troubleshooting procedures; Systems installation; Test and Inspection, amongst others. Training can be performed at Tecmotiv’s facility or at customer’s facility, offering Armed Forces flexibility in their planning of Training.

Tecmotiv has assisted many of its customers in Project Management at various stages of their programs. The knowledge and experience gained from our history of Research & Development, Product Development, Overhauling/Remanufacture Services, and Kit Supply offer a wealth of knowledge. Tecmotiv has also gathered experience contracting with US Government Contracting Agencies and can therefore assist governments and international clients in the planning and fulfillment stages of individual maintenance or modernization projects. Tecmotiv has aided in the processes of Scope Development when customer’s requirements are not clearly defined; Cost Monitoring is employed internally as well as externally for contracts in which it is contractually mandated; Scope Management; Meeting Management; and Project Closeout Packages.


  • Evaluation of existing systems
  • Site selection
  • Establishment of maintenance facilities
  • Research and development
  • Equipment selection and installation
  • Sourcing assistance