M88 Armored Recovery Vehicles



Tecmotiv offers premier services in the supply and refurbishment of the M88 Family of Vehicles products. Anchored by its long-standing industry reputation with AVDS 1790 engines, Tecmotiv offers its military end users peace of mind in the knowledge that engine performance is guaranteed – with the backing of our ONE YEAR WARRANTY on Tecmotiv products.


Tecmotiv takes pride in the fact that we are the only private company with US Government approval to overhaul the AVDS 1790 Series of Engine. We stock mandatory replacement parts as well as a variety of other engine spare parts we have identified as high mortality items through our history of overhauls.

Tecmotiv has an overhauling history with the AVDS 1790-2 Series of Engines that dates prior to 2000, when Tecmotiv completed international contracts to overhaul hundreds of AVDS 1790-2 Series Engines. In 2001, Tecmotiv successfully passed the TACOM 400 hours Mission Profile Test, becoming a qualified source for AVDS 1790-2 Series engine overhauls to TACOM. Since that time, Tecmotiv has continually developed its AVDS 1790 Engine overhaul processes to provide the highest quality product, while delivering quality overhauls to its US and international customers.

Tecmotiv was given approval by the USMC for the overhaul of the ADVS 1790-8CR engine in 2006, and awarded a contract later that year for the overhaul of units by the M88 Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Tecmotiv has since overhauled more than 100 AVDS-1790-8CR Engines for various customers with its emphasis on being a high quality, high reliability, best-in-class turnaround product. As a result of this, Tecmotiv can boast a history of sole source contracts with TACOM and the US Marine Corps. Tecmotiv stocks many mandatory parts for the engine, and has delivered a number of contracts for the supply of the engine overhaul kit to TACOM. Tecmotiv has been the preferred contractor for the overhaul AVDS-1790-8CR Engines for its customers including the vehicle OEM, BAE Systems, Raytheon, and US and foreign militaries.

Tecmotiv’s expertise in the AVDS 1790 Engines in the M88 vehicle is recognized by the vehicle OEM, and Tecmotiv provides technical and troubleshooting services on a regular basis to support the OEM’s activities.





Tecmotiv has developed the facilities and competencies to perform quality overhauls of XT-1410 Transmissions. Tecmotiv has business relationships with the major supply source and OEM of the transmission and has delivered fully rebuilt XT1410 transmissions to our customers. Tecmotiv’s history of quality support in cross drive transmissions has led customers to rely on Tecmotiv for overhaul services for these transmissions.


Tecmotiv has supplied the following components (and others) to customers: Road Wheel hubs, Turbochargers, Starters, Hydraulic Pumps, Final Drives, Suspension, Road Wheels, Alternators, Starters, Fuel Injectors and Auxiliary Power Unit services.

Tecmotiv is registered to ISO 9001 for the design, manufacture, repair, overhaul and distribution of drive train systems, power pack systems, and components for military vehicles. The company complies with all NATO, US, and Canadian standards and specifications and has an in-house contracting department that fully monitors compliance for these regulations.

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