V150 Commando


Spare parts

Tecmotiv has compiled a large library of technical data for the V150 Commando vehicle through years of painstaking research, harnessing vendor relationships, and supporting customers’ needs.

Tecmotiv has also supported international Armed Forces for more than 20 years, supplying V150 Commando spare parts including shock absorbers, wheels, tires, wiring harnesses, headlights, seals, transfer cases, vision blocks, and other hull and automotive spare parts.

Obsolescence support

Tecmotiv offers a complete package to modernize and refurbish the V150 Commando. The Service Life Extension Program (SLEP) package addresses the problem of obsolete components, while at the same time outfitting the platform with newer, more efficient, more reliable and environmentally friendly technology. The package has been developed at a cost-effective price point, representing good value to Armed forces that have the V150 Commando in their fleet. Components that are supported in this package include:

Engine: Replacement of original Chrysler Gasoline or Cummins Diesel Engine with a modern, reliable, fuel efficient diesel engine. Ancillary engine support items such as cooling system, air intake system, and exhaust system are replaced. Vehicle acceleration is improved by more than 30% as a result of engine power increase. Vehicle range is increased by 10% as a result of increased fuel economy.

Transmission: Replacement of original equipment Allison transmission with modern transmission, inclusive of lockup to improve efficiency.

Transfer Case: Tecmotiv has developed a transfer case modernization package. The new transfer case has a higher torque capacity to accommodate the increased torque throughout of the powertrain. There is only minimal change to the depth of the transfer case, and therefore no hull modifications are required for the incorporation of the transfer case into the hull and drivetrain.

Alternator: A modern alternator with 250A capacity offers increased utility for the modernized V150 to support optional packages including spotlights, situational awareness systems, electrical turret systems, ground power supply systems, and camera systems.

Brake system: Replacement and upgrade of brake components.

Note that the SLEP package has been developed to minimize external hull modifications. This maintains hull rigidity and armor integrity.

Optional packages that can be incorporated into upgrade programs include add on armor, air conditioning system, upgraded lighting, modernized winch system, modernized tire system, driver night viewing system, and communication systems.

Upgrade services

Tecmotiv can offer modern upgrades to the V150 Commando that were not incorporated into the original vehicle product if required by the End Customer.

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