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Tecmotiv has built a reputation around military powertrain solutions. The in-house capabilities that Tecmotiv has developed over the last 25 years covers a wide range of powertrain products that allows Tecmotiv to develop powertrain solutions tailored to each customer’s requirements. The experience gathered over that period in the military logistics support industry also allows Tecmotiv to offer its customers a valuable Lifecycle Management perspective. Powertrain overhaul , powertrain upgrade, powertrain repair, and powertrain improvement are Tecmotiv’s strengths.


AVDS-Engine-website-(1)AVDS 1790 ENGINES

The 750HP AVDS 1790-2 Series of Engines, which includes the AVDS 1790-2CA, AVDS 1790-2CB, AVDS 1790-2DA, and AVDS 1790-2DR amongst others, has been the specified engine in many military applications including the M60 Main Battle Tank, M88 Recovery vehicle, and others. Tecmotiv has incorporated the US Army overhaul work requirements into its processes and refined those processes to ensure a high quality product that Tecmotiv can stand by through its standard one-year warranty. Tecmotiv’s reputation in the industry is one of high quality and quick turnaround at a reasonable price. Tecmotiv has been awarded multiple contracts for national and international militaries to support overhaul services for these engines. In recognition of the high quality product Tecmotiv has been known for, Tecmotiv has been an integral part of the US Gov’ts program to update the Work Requirements package for these engines. Tecmotiv has developed capabilities to supply new manufacture and serviceable parts on these engines with industry leading turnaround. Tecmotiv’s support for the AVDS 1790-2 Series of Engines is unparalleled in the industry.

Tecmotiv can offer power upgrades of the 750HP AVDS 1790-2 Engine, which will benefit platforms through increased vehicle performance and maneuverability. These engine power upgrades are done in consideration of the entire powertrain and its component limits – Tecmotiv’s knowledge of the CD850 transmission typically mated to this engine and the upgrades available to the CD850 transmission ensure that the complete powertrain solution can be derived in a cost-conscious manner.

The 1050HP AVDS 1790-8 Series Engine, typically installed as the” -8CR” model in the M88A2 Recovery Vehicle, is supported by Tecmotiv in the form of overhauls, spare part supply, dynamometer testing, etc. Our customers consistently advise that our engines are their standard of high quality in its ‘plug and play’ reliability.

6V53, 6V53T

6V53-EngineThe standard engine found in M113A1s and M113 A2 APCs, the Detroit Diesel 6V53 Engine is in use in many militaries and has a large footprint throughout the world in APC applications. This two-stroke engine, producing a nominal 212HP was originally produced in the 1950s. Tecmotiv has performed many rebuilds/remanufactures of this engine, offering its customers a high quality product backed by a one year warranty.

As an upgraded engine, the 6V53T engine produces a nominal 265HP and offers users of the 6V53 naturally aspirated engine an option to improve their vehicular performance attractively. This upgrade requires other modifications to the platform powertrain to ensure proper engine and vehicle performance.

8V71T Engine

e2The DDC 8V71T Engine is typically found in the M109 Self Propelled Howitzer, the M578 Light Recovery Vehicle, and the M992 Field Artillery Ammunition Support Vehicle. The engine is also typically coupled to the Allison XTG411 transmission. Tecmotiv can offer rebuilding services for this engine, and supply of spare parts support for the same. Rebuilt/remanufactured/overhauled engines come with Tecmotiv’s standard one year Warranty.


TX100-1, TX100-1A

tx100-transmissionThe Allison TX100-1 transmission specified in the M113 Family of Vehicles has a large installed base worldwide. Overhauling/rebuilding/remanufacturing this transmission is part of Tecmotiv’s regular operations, and the Production team therefore has extreme familiarity with the transmission. The latest version of the transmission – the TX100-1A transmission, was designed to improve the reliability and efficiency of the transmission, as well as upgrade the power that the transmission is capable of handling. Tecmotiv has developed processes to upgrade transmissions from the TX100-1 variant to the latest TX100-1A variant to accommodate higher output engines. The transmission modification process is in-keeping with cost conscious improvements that Tecmotiv suggests to its Armed Forces customers. Outright supply of units is available for quick turnaround, and the option of unit return for modification is available.

XTG411-2A, XTG411-4


The XTG411-2A originally specified in M109 Self Propelled Howitzer, M578 LRV, and M992 FAASV has since been upgraded to the XTG411-4A model. Tecmotiv recommends upgrade of the transmission to all its customers since the cost of upgrade vs the cost of overhaul only represents only a nominal increase in price, whereas the benefits of the upgrade are substantial.

Tecmotiv has performed overhauls of customer transmissions, overhaul and upgrades of customer transmissions, and supply of upgrade kits for this transmission.


cd850-(2)The CD850 Transmission is commonly found in the powertrains of the M48 and M60 main battle tanks.

The original CD850 transmission, designed in the 1940s, has had several improvements developed, the most common variant for US military vehicles being to the CD850-6A version. This version is capable of handling the 750HP AVDS 1790-2 series engine and the weight of the M48 and M60 main Battle Tanks.

Tecmotiv has been the US Military’s source for the input and output oil pump modification components and kits, upgrading the transmission to the CD850-6A1 designation. This upgrade improves the maximum oil flow and lubrication pressures in critical periods such as stall conditions brought on by emergency stopping and heavy load. -6A1 upgrade parts have also been supplied to armed forces worldwide.

The -6B transmission upgrade package available from Tecmotiv offers increased weight and power transmission capabilities for the CD850. This upgrade is appropriate for use with 900HP engines and tanks in the 40-50 Ton weight range. This upgrade can be completed as either an outright supply of transmission, an upgrade to customer core at Tecmotiv facilities, or the supply of upgrade kits with instructions to armed forces with robust overhauling capabilities.

Tecmotiv has been very active in the spare parts supply and remanufacture/overhaul support of the CD850 transmissions. Common spare parts that Tecmotiv has delivered include Brake Band assemblies, Clutch Plates, and Housings. Completely overhauled/remanufactured transmissions have also been supplied to armed forces worldwide, in accordance with US Army Work requirement packages.

All parts and assemblies supplied by Tecmotiv come with our standard one year warranty.


Tecmotiv has supported the HMPT500 transmission, specified in the Bradley Fighting Vehicles, through the manufacture and supply of components to the US Government. Tecmotiv’s resident quality inspection and validation Departments have ensured that First Article Testing and final units are accomplished within time constraints and with quality that has become Tecmotiv’s hallmark. Tecmotiv has supplied 2nd range carriers, Actuators, Tow Pumps, as well as other components of this assembly to its local and international customer base.


The XT1410 transmission found in the M88 Recovery Vehicle is one of the most robust transmissions available.

Tecmotiv has developed a close relationship with the OEM for this transmission and continues to support the OEM as well as the customer base when requested. Tecmotiv has supplied some wear items, transmission housings, and diagnostics services for the transmission to its local and international customers.



Tecmotiv regularly overhauls the M113 transfer case to satisfy customers’ requirements on these units. Overhauls are done in accordance with the US Army Work Requirements as the standard. Tecmotiv can supply units outright, minimizing platform downtime, or alternatively offer rebuild of customer cores as a cost-conscious method of supply.


The V150’s two-speed transfer case has been previously supplied by Tecmotiv to a South Asian customer. The full technical information of the transfer case and its included components is maintained at Tecmotiv to fulfill the support to this unit that Tecmotiv offers. Tecmotiv has developed testing procedures for this transfer case, and optionally can offer the rebuild of customer-supplied transfer cases as a cost-conscious method to achieve operational status.



The original specification Final Drive for the M113 was designed referencing the original drivetrain power throughput. Tecmotiv can overhaul these units in accordance with US Army work requirements and provide the full range of test results for the assembly. Tecmotiv has the required test facilities readily available for a quick and quality-assured turnaround of customer supplied product.

The improved Final Drive for the M113 was designed to accommodate the enhanced performance characteristics of upgraded M113s. Variation of the gear ratios provides the vehicle with a 23% improvement in acceleration and increased torque output to improve vehicle performance when loaded and/or in rough terrain. Tecmotiv has the full suite of technical information relevant to the final drive upgrade and can offer rebuild and return or outright supply of upgrade kits with the technical information and technical support required to assist armed forces in their upgrade programs.

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