M109 Self Propelled Howitzers

M109 Support

Tecmotiv offers full logistics support for the spare part supply, refurbishment, and remanufacture of major assemblies in the M109 series of vehicles. Our capabilities include full machine shop service, clean room facilities for hydraulic component assembly, as well as complete repair and remanufacture service. Tecmotiv has been the powertrain services vendor of choice for the US Army and the OEM (BAE Systems) for the M109 series of vehicles. Tecmotiv has further supported its customers in supply, remanufacture, and repair of other major assemblies including hydraulic system components, suspension components, and turret drive components.

From the new manufacture of components to the supply of complete assemblies, Tecmotiv can satisfy all major requirements for M109 support.



Tecmotiv provides remanufacture and spare part support for the 8V71T engines providing complete remanufactured engines or alternatively the remanufacture of customer supplied cores.

Tecmotiv has performed complete overhauls of the 8V71T engines under US Government contract for its international customers. Overhauls of engines and transmissions are completed in accordance with established US Army overhaul procedures, coupled with Tecmotiv’s enhanced quality control processes to deliver a product with full traceability and backed by Tecmotiv’s comprehensive 1-year warranty.




One of the most cost-effective upgrades available for M109 units is the upgrade of the XTG411-2A transmission to the XTG411-4 configuration. Although this was designed to handle the greater weight and horsepower of the Paladin, the Upgrade Kit has wide application to all M107s, M108s, M109s, and M110s. The more significant benefits include: improved heat rejection, greater acceleration, better braking, and better hill climbing capabilities.

Superior friction materials have made the clutches, plates, and disks – used for steering, braking, and transmitting power – much more durable, which in turn has improved reliability and reduced life-cycle costs significantly. Furthermore, a redesigned torque converter improves the cooling characteristics to such an extent that the transmission is now capable of handling 60% more power. The Return on Investment of the Upgrade Kit is such that the US Army recommends that this upgrade be implemented whenever possible regardless of the model.

The Upgrade Kit consists of the Main Assembly and the Input Transfer Assembly Modification Kits and both of these can be supplied by Tecmotiv. Tecmotiv has been the principal supplier to the US Government for the Main Assembly Modification Kits, having produced over 1000 kits, and is the sole source to TACOM for the XTG411-4 Remanufacturing Kit containing all mandatory replacement parts.

The most efficient way to perform the upgrade to the XTG411-4A is to stock the Upgrade Kits as spares and upgrade the transmission as a part of the regular remanufacturing procedure. This eliminates additional work and unnecessary downtime; it also avoids duplication of certain tasks and materials required by both the modification and the overhaul of these transmissions. It represents savings of 30 hours of labor and has only a nominal cost increase over stocking overhaul-only parts. The reliability and maintenance enhancements alone more than compensate for these additional costs.

Tecmotiv has performed overhaul and upgrade of XTG411 transmissions for the US Government, International customers, as well as the vehicle OEM.

Other Components and Accessories

Tecmotiv has supplied many other M109-specific components, including (but not limited to) the following: Torsion bars, U-joints, Traverse Mechanism overhauls; Accumulators; Shock Absorbers; Split rings; Fan Drive Assemblies; No-Back Assemblies; Nitrogen Kits; Mechanical Drive housings; Instrument Panel assemblies; Control Assembly; Hydraulic Power Pack.

Tecmotiv is registered to ISO 9001 for the design, manufacture, repair, overhaul and distribution of drive train systems, power pack systems, and components for military vehicles. The company complies with all NATO, US, and Canadian standards and specifications and has an in-house contracting department that fully monitors compliance for these regulations.


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