M48/M60 Main Battle Tanks


A unique capability and a reputation for excellence, Tecmotiv offers customers one-stop-shop convenience for the supply, repair, and overhaul of power train components for M48s, M60s, and their variants, which include bridge layers, engineering vehicles, etc.


AVDS1790Tecmotiv is the industry-recognized leader in the overhaul of the AVDS 1790 Series of Engines. This stems from the attention to technical detail and testing that Tecmotiv brings to this service. Each overhauled engine goes through Tecmotiv’s enhanced overhaul process, which incorporates the demands of the US Army DMWR 9-2815-220, as well as additional proprietary verification processes that ensure quality product. Tecmotiv has all the latest equipment for performing the tests required by the DMWR and stocks Mandatory Replacement Parts required for overhauls. As a result of Tecmotiv’s unique capabilities and inventory, Tecmotiv can boast of an overhaul turnaround time that is unmatched in the industry. Repeat business from US and international customers is a testament to the quality of Tecmotiv’s overhaul process. Tecmotiv has carried out a 400-hour endurance test that gave the company a unique qualification as a small-business supplier of these services to the US military making us the only private company that is approved by the US Government to overhaul AVDS 1790 engines.

Tecmotiv also offers upgrade services for the AVDS 1790 SoE for increased horsepower and torque output at customer request.


engineTecmotiv is the only source presently approved by the US Government for new M60 transmissions. Tecmotiv also regularly repairs and overhauls a large number of CD-850 transmissions and subsystems in accordance with DMWR 9-2520-223. Tecmotiv supplies many new and rebuilt transmission assemblies and components to the US Army and other international customers.

Tecmotiv offers upgrade services for the CD-850 Transmissions from -6A through to -6B1, improving torque capacity as a result of uprated engines, as well as improvements to the oil pumps to improve the reliability of the transmission.


Tecmotiv manufactures M60 final drives and can overhaul and test these assemblies in accordance with DMWR 9-2520-531. One of its principal customers for new final drives has been the US Army. Tecmotiv has done prototype development of new final drives in response to customer demands, and can offer similar services to new customers.


Tecmotiv has supplied the following new and/or reconditioned M60 components to various customers:

Track, Turbocharger, Generator, Starter, Steer Differential, and Fuel Injector Pumps.

Tecmotiv is registered ISO 9001 for the design, manufacture, repair, overhaul and distribution of drive train systems, power pack systems, and components for military vehicles. The company complies with all NATO, US, and Canadian standards and specifications and has an in-house contracting department that fully monitors compliance for these regulations.

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