M113 Family of Vehicles




Tecmotiv’s unique capabilities and outstanding reputation, allows for one-stop convenience for the repair, overhaul, remanufacture, and component supply for the M113 Family of Vehicles.

Tecmotiv is a supplier of quality spare parts, upgrade kits, and complete solutions to over 20 Defense forces around the world.


Tecmotiv has performed vehicle refurbishment for its international customers. Tecmotiv has been able to support its customers through expedited turnaround of vehicles and major assemblies as a result of its network of established suppliers and processes. These attributes have also rendered cost advantages for Tecmotiv’s customers.

Tecmotiv can perform refurbishment of surplus vehicles in country and or at our US facilities. Units delivered to Tecmotiv for refurbishment can be demonstrated for acceptance to the customer at Tecmotiv’s facility. Alternatively, Tecmotiv can source vehicles for end user militaries and provide turnkey refurbished units.


113b1Tecmotiv has supplied remanufactured/overhauled 6V53 engines for many militaries worldwide. Armed forces requirements’ from remanufacture of customer-supplied cores to outright supply of remanufactured engines have been cost effectively satisfied through Tecmotiv’s services.

The naturally aspirated 6V53 engine specified in the M113A1 and A2 application is the workhorse of many militaries’ M113 fleets. Tecmotiv offers overhaul/remanufacture services for the engine, using the US Army work requirements coupled with years of experience in overhauling/remanufacturing these engines. Tecmotiv’s production staff have gone through Detroit Diesel engine-specific training and certification to provide best-in-class support for this engine.

Tecmotiv also offers new repair parts as well as remanufactured engine parts to satisfy the logistic support requirements of militaries for the 6V53 Engine.

Through its enhanced overhaul/remanufacture process, all 6V53 engines supplied by Tecmotiv are covered by Tecmotiv’s one-year warranty.

The 6V53T (Turbocharged) engine option offers enhanced vehicle performance for M113A1s and A2s without the need for significant hull modifications.

The upgraded 6V53T engine offers vehicular acceleration and performance characteristics in line with more modern platforms. Tecmotiv has serviced international armed forces’ needs for enhanced vehicle performance requirements with this cost conscious solution. Customers can opt to convert existing 6V53 naturally aspirated engines to turbocharged versions through Tecmotiv’s 6V53T conversion program. Engines converted through this program are covered by Tecmotiv’s one-year warranty.


113cTecmotiv remanufactures assemblies and supplies parts for both the TX100 and TX100-1A transmissions. As with most assemblies Tecmotiv supports, Tecmotiv can offer remanufacture of customer cores or outright supply of remanufactured units. Rebuild/Remanufacture kits are available for military forces that have the capability to perform those functions on their own.

Tecmotiv has performed overhauls for Domestic and International armies through Prime contractors and as well as a prime contractor. Remanufactured and upgraded units have been delivered to Prime Contractors to facilitate upgrade and overhaul programs, supported by Tecmotiv’s one-year warranty. All rebuild/remanufacture services are completed in accordance with US Army work requirements

Tecmotiv also provides remanufacture and upgrade kits to upgrade the TX100 to TX100-1A. The upgraded transmission is suitable for the 265 HP engine, and is the latest version of the TX100 series transmissions.


Tecmotiv offers full logistics support for the M113 transfer cases, differentials, and final drives through outright supply of remanufactured units or repair and return of customer cores. Upgrade services are available for some of these assemblies as well.

Tecmotiv owns the full host of testing equipment for the proper remanufacture of these units and therefore maintains high quality standards for the supplied units, backed by a one-year warranty.


Tecmotiv offers full support of the M113 platform through the supply of many other M113 drive train components and accessories. Some new and remanufactured items Tecmotiv has supplied include: 200-AMP Alternators; Suspension components; Cooling Upgrade kits; External Fuel Tanks; Full Track Sets and Track Shoes; Shock Absorbers; Ramp Cylinders; and Road Wheels.

Tecmotiv is registered to ISO 9001 for the design, manufacture, repair, overhaul and distribution of drive train systems, power pack systems, and components for military vehicles.

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