AVDS 1790 Automatic Injection Advance Assembly contract awarded to Tecmotiv from US Government

The US Government, through the Defense Logistics Agency, has awarded Tecmotiv a significant order for the AVDS 1790 Automatic Injection Advance Assembly, P/N 12254217, NSN 2815-01-053-3789. Tecmotiv has serviced many of these injection advance units in the past during the AVDS 1790 Engine overhauls it performs, and has secured the supporting capabilities to manufacture this product. This contract further represents Tecmotiv’s full range of support for the overhaul of the AVDS 1790 Series of Engines, unmatched in the industry.

About the Automatic Injection Advance Assembly P/N 12254217, NSN 2815-01-053-3789: The Automatic Injection Advance Assembly is a critical item for the performance of AVDS 1790 Engines. Tecmotiv, through its in-house Engineering team has developed enhanced processes to assure the quality of Automatic Injection Advance Assemblies during the overhaul of AVDS 1790 Series of Engines, which includes the mandated specialty test benches as well as other equipment and processes.

About Tecmotiv: Tecmotiv is recognized worldwide as a leading vendor of overhauled AVDS 1790 Series of Engines, offering quality engines unmatched in the industry. Tecmotiv supports its quality products with a ONE YEAR WARRANTY on supplied products.

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